Friday, June 10, 2011

Social Networking and Blog Creation course for the Blind

Social Networking and Blog Creation Course for the Blind is to be held on 4th to 9th July 2011. The course will be attended by 15 participants of a new batch of working adults who have experience in the use of Internet together with a few from the previous course held last year.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Basic Computer Literacy Course For The Blind (Level 1)

Date : 15 - 20 March 2010
Venue : ICT Centre, Sarawak SOciety For The Blind
No. Participant: 10
Level Of Computing : Beginner (Level 1)
Chief Facilitator : En. Mohd Amirul Asraf Bin Zulkipli
Assistant Facilitator : En. Yong Chwan Fwu
Sun Wan Ting

Coordinator : En Dusim Oh Siong

Participant List:-

  1. Ruth Yong Wang Theen

  2. Christina Liah Anak Palau

  3. Wilson Entaya Anak Engkuning

  4. Bibi Hajijah Binti Bohari

  5. Sharifah Zubaidah Binti Wan Abu Bakar

  6. Athirah Binti Ahmad

  7. Evelyn Angut Anak Palau

  8. Noor Kalsum Binti Fadil

  9. Mohammad Jeffery Bin Bujang Man

  10. Azzoenickry Anak Gajud


Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:-
  • Customise JAWS screen reader for use with Windows Operating System and Microsoft office Application.
  • Customise the Toolbar for optimun functionality with JAWS screen reader.
  • Use basic MS-Office application such as MSWord, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player to perform simple word prosssin, Accounting, Presentation, Internet Zsuffing, E-mails and Entertainment.
The overall aim of the course is to equip participant with basic computing skills for enchancing their productivity in schol, work or daily life.

Class Picture with 10 participant with Mr Dusim and me and Sun Wan Thing (assist me during the course) and also Corneliouse also known as Ayau who is help to try to set up the embrosser
Closing ceromony - Ruth and Mr Ying

Evelyn try to listen well what the JAWS're saying

trying to figure out whats wrong with Christina laptop

each one of them try to focus with the computer

helping Azzoe working with the email

Sun Wan Ting help Wilson how to make an e-mail

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lawatan UKM ke SSBKB

Pada 16 Februari yang lepas Pelajar dari UKM Bangi telah megadakan lawatan ke SSBK- Sarawak Society for the Blind Kuching Branch. Dalam Pada itu mereka sempat melawat ke PUsat ICT Blind. Walaupun tida pelajar pada hari tersebut saya telah menjalankan demo macam mana OKU Penglihatan meggunakan komputer. Dengan ini saya sediakan bebrapa gambar dari lawatan tersebut.

****tarikh pada gambar tidak betul.terlupa nak seting...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lawatan Pelajar Kolej Kesihatan ke SSBK

Pada 9 Februari yang lepas Pelajar dari kolaj kesihatan telah melawat ke SSBK ini. Mereka turut melawat ke Pusat ICT Blind ini.
Dengan adanya enam orang pelajar ICT blind yang datang pada hari itu, mereka telah melihat bagaimana golongan ini meggunakan teknologi sama seperti orang biasa.

Di bawah saya sediakan beberapa gambar yang sempat di ambil ketika lawatan itu berlangsung.

JAWS - Job Access With Speech

JAWS adalah salah satu perisian ' screen reader' . Ia membolehkan audio mengeluarkan situasi yang berlaku pada skrin monitor dalam bentuk audio. Dengan ini pengguna kurang upaya penglihatan
boleh menggunakan komputer dengan audio yang di keluarkan.

Untuk maklumat lanjut sila kunjungi:-

ICT Centre for The Blind (Access@SSBlind), Kuching

Broadband training center-ACCESS@SSBlind was launched by CIMB Foundation, through CIMB Community Link; Yayasan Salam Malaysia and the Sarawak Society for the Blind (SSB) on 2nd October 2009. The launch was officiated by YB Dato’ Sri William Mawan Ikom, Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation, Sarawak, witnessed by Dato’ Dr. Hsiung Kwo Yuen, President of SSB; Ali Adai, Regional Director for East Malaysia, CIMB Bank and Md Ghani Ibrahim, Chief Operating Officer of Yayasan Salam Malaysia.

This centre provided with 10 units of computer completed with JAWS-Job Access With Speech software, scanner, printer and embrosser. The objective of the centre is to bring computer literacy classes and internet access to the visually impaired and blind community in Kuching.